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To be among the leading Theoretical Physics Institutes in the world, performing research, training and outreach at the highest standards and serving as a stable international scientific hub for all of South America.


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From 2012-2019 and 2022-2023, we impacted over 9000 students and visiting scientists through 350 in-person activities
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And in 2020-2021, we organized over 100 online activities for more than 12,000 participants

Frequently Asked Questions

In 2021, a non-profit association called “Friends of SAIFR Institute” was created to receive donations to ICTP-SAIFR. The association with by-laws and national registry number 44.582.850/0001-10 is administered by the directors of ICTP-SAIFR with the help of a financial council and advisory council, and 100% of your donation will be used to support ICTP-SAIFR activities. After filling out the online form on this webpage, you will receive instructions on how to deposit your donation in the Friends of SAIFR bank account.

Through a generous donation of the private Simons Foundation, tenure-track SAIFR professors receive a supplement to a state-funded Young Investigator Fellowship. However, upon receiving tenure, their salary is considerably reduced to the salary of a university professor which is fixed independently of the city or institution where the professor works. To maintain top researchers at SAIFR as tenured faculty, private donations for research chairs are needed, such as the Isaias Raw Chair, which can provide bonuses to university salaries.

Although ICTP-SAIFR receives generous funding from the São Paulo state funding agency FAPESP for activities related to research, private funding is needed for activities organized by ICTP-SAIFR that are aimed at high-school students and teachers and the general public.

Although Master’s and PhD fellowships from state and national funding agencies are available to top students, the amount of these fellowships (currently 400-500 US dollars/month for Master’s and 550-900 US dollars/month for PhD) does not compare with typical fellowships in the US or Europe of 1500-3000 US dollars/month. Note that the cost of living in the city of São Paulo is comparable to the cost in US and European cities.

Depending on the wishes of the donor and the amount of the donation, there are several possibilities for acknowledgement. These possibilities include displaying the donor’s name on a webpage, engraving the donor’s name on a plaque, associating the title of an activity or research chair with the donor, etc.

For any donation of 10,000 reais or more, we will send the donor a report detailing how the donation was spent. For a donation of less than 10,000 reais, we will be happy to send a similar report if requested by the donor.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at donate@ictp-saifr.org

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